ShesInHer20’s is a blog that focuses on all the things that a woman in their 20’s goes through. I started this blog when I turned 20, and a year later, at 21 years old – I am still here, sharing my journey and whipping up some incredible posts along the way.

Originally, ShesInHer20’s was created to develop my writing skills, whilst focusing mainly on Minimalism. However, as the year travelled on – I decided to focus on things that could be effecting not only myself but other people, of all ages and backgrounds as well. I decided to focus on my own whole self, just just the black and white paintings that I portrayed for so long online. These ‘things’ including tips on how play our part in looking after the planet, the importance of implementing a more stable, consistent mental health into our lives whilst working on suggestions that could help improve it – if we want too. Tips on healthy eating, without the calories or the fad dieting. A personal journey of creating a sustainable savings accounts whilst rambling about paying off that wicked some of debt. I dabble in how to to make the most out of our time at College and University as that is a world that I’ll be living in for the next 5 years as an older student and enjoy updating myself and others on the life that is my baby boy and my recovery. Minimalism is still a main foucs on this blog, but alas, it’s not just about how-to-rid-your-physical-possessions… anymore at least. 

I aimed to share inspiration from the beginning and to this day, this is what this blog is still all about, just in a different format. This blog offers lessons worth sharing, for myself and the lovely people to pick my blog out of millions to read from.

Writing is something I have valued, attempted to understand and enjoyed since I was a child in primary school and I hope this blog can cultivate that.

Okay, now on to the serious stuff. Who am I?


Side note, this was written when I changed my blog to here, back in October 2016. I like to see the different between then and now:


Name: Nicole Mallett

Born: 13th March 1996

Occupation: Student at A-Levels

Living: Alone, in West Sussex

Children: One year old boy

Siblings: Twin sister – no, we’re not alike and no, we can’t read each others mind

Current goals: Finish Education, start a savings account and pay off debt

Proudest moments: Everything my child does, welcoming being discharged from Mental Health Services and learning to accept myself to grow myself

Favourite Food: Currently, it’s a race between berries and creamy chocolate

Favourite Activity: Diving into the world of Fan Fiction 

Favourite Blog: TheMinimalists movie, podcast, blog and Instagram, duh

Extra Detail: I am England’s definition of very poor.

And that’s it. 

Just a little insight, hope you enjoyed it and I hope you can join me on this journey and I would be thrilled to get to know you (my friends, not followers – I don’t like that word) in the process too.